Monday, March 28, 2011

Epson Receipt Printers for Restaurants: An Industry Standard

Most people never think about the many details behind the scenes at restaurants. You place your order, wait a while, and your food comes out. Sounds simple, right? Those who work in the restaurant business know that it isn't quite so easy. There is one aspect of the restaurant business that can make communication easier, or a nightmare if it doesn't work right: receipt printers. Most restaurants rely on printers for printing order tickets in the kitchen and for printing sales receipts for the front of the house. The vast majority of restaurants today use Epson receipt printers to take care of their printing needs. Epson receipt printers offer easy user interface, are simple to set up, and are true workhorses, even in unforgiving environments like kitchens. Front of the house receipt printers need to be fast, and they need to have good print quality. This is why most restaurants rely on Epson thermal receipt printers. One of the most widely used is the Epson TM-T88IV Thermal Receipt Printer. The TM-T88IV prints high quality receipts at up to 7.9 inches per second. Their improved cover design also makes them more resistant to spills, which is a must for restaurants. However, the extreme temperatures found in kitchens render thermal receipt paper useless. That is why kitchen printers rely on tried and true dot matrix printing technology. Take, for instance, the Epson TM-U220 printer. This high speed dot matrix printer is built to last, with a mean time between failure rate of 180,000 hours. For restaurants that want to retain a physical record of the tickets printed, the TM-U220 is ideal as it can use two part receipt paper. This allows one copy for the line, and another for record keeping. If you are in the restaurant business, you should take a look at Whether you need thermal or dot matrix receipt printers, MTP is your go to source for restaurant receipt printers.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Save Money While Not Compromising on Quality with Compatible Toners & Ribbons

Anyone who has owned a printer quickly finds that the consumables needed to keep it running will end up costing more than the printer itself in the long run. This can be especially true when you need toners for laserjet printers. Many genuine (OEM) HP toners cost more than $100. When factoring in the life of a printer, it's easily possible that one could spend thousands of dollars on toners. Mountain Top Printers offers high quality compatible toners that will save you a great deal of money. In fact, by purchasing toners from MTP, you can save up to 70% off HP toners when compared to genuine HP prices. Often times, if a price is too good to be true, it is. However, MTP warrants our toners to be free from defects, so you won't have to worry about quality. Aside from HP, MTP also offers high quality Dell, Lexmark, and Okidata toners as well. In addition to these toners, MTP carries many compatible versions of ribbons for dot matrix printers. Whether you need ribbons for your Okidata, Star Micronics, IBM, AMT or Epson printer, offers great prices while not compromising quality.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wyse Terminals for Legacy Systems

Many businesses today still use seemingly outdated equipment, and the reasons for this are many. For one, the equipment can still fulfill a business' needs. Take, for instance, Wyse Terminals. They are used in applications as varied as database management, phone system operations, and equipment control. From oil change businesses to nuclear power plants, Wyse Terminals are ubiquitous to this day. A major reason for sticking with legacy equipment is cost. Redesigning a system requires new software and hardware. Even for small businesses, this can translate into an investment of tens of thousands of dollars. For businesses that do not wish to spend such a great amount of money, there are companies that can help: those that specialize in refurbishing hard to find legacy hardware. One of those companies is Mountain Top Printers. MTP has been helping businesses to keep their systems running, and save money, for over a decade. Whether your business needs to replace a hard to find Wyse WY-50 Terminal or repair your broken Wyse Terminal, MTP can help.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stock Your Office With An Okidata Printer

In the current economic climate, with the economy having been brought to its knees and only just getting back on its feet, many companies are looking for any way they can possibly find to cut costs and maintain a competitive edge. For too many companies, this has meant cutting down on manpower, and many workers have been laid off. Many companies are too quick to let go of talented workers, when there are other ways of cutting costs. For example, using Okidata printers will increase office efficiency, thereby raising productivity levels to ensure a greater competitive edge.

An Okidata printer is a boon to any office, thanks to its superior technology and engineering. These are long-lasting printers that are able to print at high speeds, much faster than many of the printers found in today's offices. Productivity is hardly helped when employees find themselves waiting several minutes just to get a necessary printout from an unnecessarily slow printer. With an Okidata printer, such as an Oki 320 Turbo, employees will be able to obtain the data they require without a long wait, and company productivity will undoubtedly be increased.

Okidata printers also boast superior engineering quality, ensuring that the occasions in which you find your printer in need of maintenance are few and far between. If you do find yourself in need of repairs for your Okidata printer, then the specialists at Mountain Top Printer will be more than willing to assist you, and you will receive nothing but the best service.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Extend the Life of Your HP Laserjet Printer

Anyone who has dealt with office equipment knows how infuriating it can be to keep it in good running order. This can especially be the case with laser printers. HP Laserjet printers can give years of hassle free performance. But like all machines, printers have parts that wear out over time. Replacing these parts will keep your printer in good shape, printing just like it did when it was new. One of the parts that will invariably fail over time is the fuser assembly. This all important component fuses the toner to the page during printing. When it begins to fail, print quality will be noticeably effected. Sometimes, the edges of pages will be faint, while other times, the center of the page won't print clearly. When this happens, even after replacing the toner cartridge, the fuser is often the culprit. Fortunately, fusers are designed to be easily replaced. Mountain Top Printers sells fusers that will allow you to keep your printer working for years. This way, you can invest a fraction of the money you would spend on a new printer. Whether you need a fuser for your HP 4000, HP 4200, HP 5000, or any other HP Laserjet printer, can help. A quick visit our site today can keep your printer running for years to come.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Using Okidata Printers to Save Your Business Money

People today might think that dot matrix printers are obsolete, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Dot matrix printers offer many benefits that other types of printers cannot. One of the greatest benefits is that you can save considerable money by using dot matrix printers. If your small business could stand to save money, then consider the many dot matrix printers that Okidata has to offer. Laser printers can be costly, especially when you take into account the consumables they require. Many toner cartridges sell for well over $100, but Okidata dot matrix printer ribbons give you the same amount of output for just a fraction of the cost. Take, for instance, Okidata 320 Turbo Printer Ribbons. They retail for $4.99 at Another way to save money with the consumables is to utilize multi-part forms with Okidata dot matrix printers. For applications that require multiple copies of the same page, laser printers will use more toner. Dot matrix printers can make 5+ copies from a single print job, saving you both time and money. Mountain Top Printers can help your business save money with Okidata printers.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Affordable Receipt Printers for Small Businesses

For many small business owners, knowledge of receipt printers can be a painfully accrued process. Do you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a custom made point of sale system? These systems can be convenient, but they often require special equipment to be leased at very high prices. Do you set up your own PC based system? This option is often much less expensive, but you will end up having to do your own troubleshooting. That is why purchasing proven printers with easy setup is so important. Mountain Top Printers carries several lines of receipt printers that will save you money, and headaches. The small business owner should consider Epson receipt printers. From sales receipt printers like the fast and easy to set up TM-T88IV, to durable dot matrix kitchen printers like the TM-U220A, Epson sets the industry standards. If you own or operate a small business that requires receipt printers, and you wish to save money, then take a look at